Lathes are used to make various products intended for fastening, bracing or tightening, from bushings to brackets and axles. We perform turning of various sizes of tubular pieces and pieces cut from bars in batches or singly. We can machine various profiles of bars – round, hexagonal and square – from all materials. The measurements of turned products made from bar stock range from 5 mm to 65 mm. We can also turn individual pieces up to 390 mm in diameter.

Our machines are equipped with a CAM programme, which makes it possible to manufacture intricate and precision-machined parts.

Lathes with rotating tools

These lathes are used to drill and mill various shapes and grooves into pieces.  The lathes have a C axis and rotating tools. Using these, holes/shapes can be machined onto the side or end face of the pieces, thanks to the rotating tools.

With just one set-up, various holes and shapes can be machined efficiently into the piece. This affects the price of the piece and speeds up the manufacturing process.

Turning with a Swiss-type automatic lathe

We use Swiss-type automatic lathes equipped with a bar magazine to machine true to size, mainly small or long and thin pieces in large batches. The overall dimensions of the machined bars may vary from 3–16 mm in diameter, and the hole or diameter of a machined piece may be 0.5 mm at its smallest. 

Our turned products include


  • bushings
  • pins
  • screws
  • rivets
  • brackets
  • axles
  • nuts

Lathes with rotating tools


Hyundai L160LMA

  • the largest diameter to be turned 310 mm
  • the largest turning length 550 mm
  • bar capacity 45 mm
  • equipped with a bar magazine
  • max. bar length 1,500 mm

Goodway GS-260M

  • the largest diameter to be turned 390 mm
  • the largest turning length 600 mm
  • bar capacity 65 mm
  • equipped with a bar feeder and collet chuck

Swiss-type automatic lathes and overall dimensions


  • Star RNC-16
  • Star SE-16
  • bar diameter 3–16 mm
  • can machine diameters of up to 0.5 mm