Milling and Drilling

CNC machining centres are used to mill shapes and bore holes in pieces of various sizes. A CNC machining centre is the best alternative when a piece requires many kinds of holes and shapes in different places with one set-up. This ensures both dimensional accuracy and an efficient manufacturing process.

The CNC machining centre’s spindle speed and through-spindle coolant also have an impact on the milling speed. When the spindle has a high rotation speed and through-spindle coolant is applied in the process, the piece is quickly manufactured. The through-spindle coolant also affects the quality of the surface, resulting in a smoother and more dimensionally accurate end result. 

Our second CNC machining centre has a fourth axle. This allows the machine to make holes and shapes in different parts of the piece with the same setting and with just one set-up.

If the material is not available, for example, as hexagonal, a hexagonal base can first be made for the piece by milling on the machining centre.

The pieces we make include, for example:


  • flanges
  • brackets
  • moulds/tools
  • large sheet-like pieces