Our story

An industrially made machine, device or product consists of many different parts and components. The more heavy-duty the piece of equipment, the heavier its use normally is. The conditions in which the piece of equipment is used may also differ from hot to cold or damp. That’s when every single piece – small and large—counts. How was it made, have the buyer’s requirements been taken into account?

We specialise in machining both tubular materials and oxygen and laser cut pieces. These parts are used for fastening, supporting and tightening. Even if the part is small or a single part is needed, its function is vital: to stay in place, tight and braced.

We don’t make motors, devices or fittings. Instead, we focus on ensuring that our processes produce the extremely important parts companies need, efficiently and using the most modern machinery. To us, quality means long-term investments in machines that keep our work close to our customers. This also means being careful in choosing the best skilled workers to operate our machines.

We want to be close to our customers. That’s why we keep developing ourselves and our processes so that we can ensure that we will be able to continue offering our customers our Finnish-made products quickly and flexibly.

Fasten, tighten, support – Kolmatic


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